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Professor of Biology
Centre for Computational Systems Biology, ISTBI
Fudan University
220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433
People's Republic of China

Room 2305 East Guanghua Tower
Handan Campus, Fudan University

Email Address
[email protected]

External Activities
Associate Editor, Theoretical Population Biology
Member, Board of Reviewing Editors, Science

Recent collaborators include:
Andy Overall (Brighton)
Greg Scutt (Brighton)
Hassan Shafiey (Halle)
Jianfeng Feng (Fudan)
Joel Peck (Cambridge)
Konstantinos Mavreas (Fudan)
Lei Zhao (Copenhagen)
Martin Lascoux (Uppsala)
Peng Ji (Fudan)
Pierre Nouvellet (Sussex)
Toni Gossmann (Dortmund)
Nikolas Vellnow (Dortmund)
Xinju Wei (Cornell)
Xinjun Gan (Fudan)
Xinming Zhao (Fudan)

Selected Publications
For a complete list, click here.

Theoretically quantifying the direct and indirect benefits of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in terms of avoided deaths
Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Article number: 8833 (2022) with Greg Scutt and Mike Cross

Correcting bias in allele frequency estimates due to an observation threshold: A Markov chain analysis
Genome Biology and Evolution, Volume 14, Issue 4 (2022) with Toni Gossmann

Influence of dominance and drift on lethal mutations in human population
Frontiers in Genetics 11, 267 (2020) with Andrew Overall

What is adaptation and how should it be measured?
Journal of Theoretical Biology 447: 190-198 (2018) with Joel Peck

Evolutionary control: Targeted change of allele frequencies in natural populations using externally directed evolution
Journal of Theoretical Biology 419: 362-374 (2017) with Hassan Shafiey and Toni Gossmann

Complete numerical solution of the diffusion equation of random genetic drift
Genetics 194: 973-985 (2013) with Lei Zhao and Xingye Yue

Population growth enhances the mean fixation time of neutral mutations and the persistence of neutral variation
Genetics 191: 561-577 (2012)

A unified treatment of the probability of fixation when population size and the strength of selection change over time
Genetics 188: 907-913 (2011)

Is Life Impossible?
Information, sex and the origin of complex organisms
Evolution 64: 3300-3309 (2010) with Joel Peck

Fundamental insights into the random movement of animals from a single distance-related statistic
American Naturalist 174: 506-514 (2009) with Pierre Nouvellet and Jonathan Bacon

Pleiotropic scaling of gene effects and the 'cost of complexity'
Nature 452: 470-472 (2008) with Günter Wagner, Jane Kenney-Hunt, Mihaela Pavlicev, Joel Peck and James Cheverud

Fisher's microscope and Haldane's ellipse
American Naturalist 166: 447-457 (2005) with John Welch

Sympatric speciation by sexual conflict
PNAS 99, 10533-10538 (2002) with Sergey Gavrilets

Mutation and sex in a competitive world
Nature 406: 399-403 (2000) with Joel Peck

Pleiotropy and the preservation of perfection
Science 279: 1210-1213 (1998) with Joel Peck

Why do asexual and self fertilizing populations tend to occur in marginal environments
Nature 391: 889-892 (1998) with Joel Peck and John Yearsley

For more details on my papers see publications.

D. Waxman
Updated 3rd July 2024